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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Lost Car Keys?

Have you lost the keys to your car? When you lose your car key is frustrating, and to handle it carefully, you need patience and an expert hand.  There are varieties of car keys, and each will cost a different amount to repair or replace. These key types include transponder keys, switchable keys, basic key fobs, laser-cut keys, and remote keys.

In this blog, we will collect information about the factors that affect the cost of the car keys and many more. If you want to get an estimated car key replacement cost, scroll down the screen and check the cost of car key replacements

How much does it cost to replace your car key?

125A few years back, misplacing car keys was not a big deal because it used to be cheap to make a new duplicate key. But as we are moving further, the industry develops cars with advanced technology systems.

It is so complicated to search for the keys to these advanced cars. Replacement of car keys has become more expensive and somewhere it is ranging from $125 to $500+. Whether you accidentally missed the car keys or the key itself got damaged, you need to replace it as soon as possible to access your car. Here we provide a guide on the replacement car keys, which helps you in the toughest scenarios.

Let’s take a look at the car key replacement cost for different keys:

  • Basic key: The cost of replacing standard car key fobs will cost the least expensive for you. The cost of replacement depends upon the vehicle type and the manufacturer. You should have the expected cost of $50 to $110 to replace it.
  • Transponder keys: The popularity of transponder keys has been increasing since the 90s. These are the basic keys with a chip inside them that plays a major role in communicating with the vehicle. The problem occurs when the chip doesn’t detect the car. These are mostly the laser cut keys or the basic keys, but it has a chip in between them programmed into the vehicle. To reprogram these keys, you need to hire a professional locksmith. It costs $150 to $225 to replace.
  • Switchblade keys: The switchable keys are the keys that you have mostly seen around you. These keys can be folded into the key fob, and they can pop back out with the click of a button. Based on the manufacturer, you can easily replace the keys for just $150 to $350.
  • Laser-cut keys: These types of keys are designed using the laser for edging. If your car key is thicker than the traditional keys with unique sideways carving, it signifies a laser-cut key. These keys also have a chip like a transponder chip, and that’s why it is expensive to replace. Most of the time, it is tough to find the locksmiths who care to replace them, so, in those cases, you can go to the dealership. To repair these kinds of keys may cost around $150 to $300.
  • Keyless entry remote: To repair/replace a keyless entry, you must invest the highest cost. These types of keys can start your vehicle with just one push. This is the smartest key and holds multiple advanced features, making it difficult to choose and start the vehicle. The vehicle recognizes the message transmitted by the key and then automatically starts. The cost of replacing this key is between $250 and $600. This is the biggest investment when it comes to replacement options.
  • Factors that affect the replacement cost:

    This is the major known factor you should know before visiting the automotive locksmiths. The cost of replacement car keys could be higher and lower depending on certain terms.

    • Model of your car: Every car manufacturer has its measures for the car’s security, which is what affects the cost of replacement. The car key replacement cost will vary depending on the brand of the car. Sometimes the different models of cars with the same brand also differ in cost. 
    • Location: The geographical location of the car also matters a lot. The car key replacement cost also varies based on the franchise to franchise.
    • Replacement time: When you need an emergency service in the middle of the night, it may compare to the cost of business hours. Finding a professional locksmith during the national holidays and at midnight will cost you more. You should try to replace the keys during regular operating hours. 
    • Types of car keys: The car key type also makes a bigger impact on the pricing. There are various keys, starting from the traditional version to the smartest one, and each has different features and functionalities. We already discussed the cost of different car keys in the top section.

      The ways to replace your car key:

      There are multiple ways to replace a key and make effective repairs; you need to perform them the right way. Finding the right auto locksmith near your location is a daunting task. But, if you want to grab the fastest and most effective replacement, all you need is to connect with the right locksmith. 

      Many cheapest locksmiths on the roadside promise you to repair the car keys at the least price but don’t come into their trap. They can scam you and cost you double. Along with that, they don’t have the same level of expertise that the professional locksmith has. Usually, people avoid visiting the franchised car dealership because it costs more and involves complex paperwork.

      Before asking the locksmith to help you, you should record the car keys number and immobilizer code. It has become essential to have an advanced safety system for your car. You should install a key with additional features like alarm activation, remote start, Bluetooth tracker, mirror folding, etc. To have all these requirements, you should have the perfect budget. Make your life a bit easier and more convenient. Replacing a car key is a tedious task, and if you want to minimize the cost of car key replacements, you should have the proper idea of it. 

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